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Laser Camera
Laser Camera are the highly sensitive digital equipments that uses a high intensity beam of coherent light through an optical components and amplification process for the detection of position and size of the targeted object.
HD Laser Camera
HD Laser Camera availed by us are widely used by the agencies where high security is required to maintain the safety measures. They are provided with a high definition image capturing and video recording to produce top quality pictures.
Thermal Camera
Thermal Camera allows the user to see an objects heat radiating off by itself and helps to record the radiation level in a frame and then assign each temperature range with a shade of color. These are widely used for the energy study, building inspection and by the security forces to locate enemies in dark areas.
Multi Sensor Camera
Multi Sensor Camera are the high performance digital appliances that are used as a surveillance system and helps you to record high quality videos and to capture images. They are equipped with a series of sensors that made them capable to cover a wide area. 
Portable Camera
Our company offers a wide range of Portable Camera that are fabricated with light and sturdy materials which make them very easy to handle. There are available in both thermal and laser type configuration for their different uses. 
Computer And Server Camera
Computer and Server Camera are the peripherals that are used for the conversion of the analog signal from the closed circuit television camera into a digital IP based video stream for sending these data over a digital network. 

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